15 not so random things about me

Milk of Thy Kindness


  1. Cauliflowers and Kale are changing my life! Heck I love I can just roast the whole flower and its so tasty I have also been making kale chips and store them in air tight containers. They are so versatile for snacking and when they are re- hydrated again in soup, its amazing the depth of umami they bring!!!  They are my go to  vegetables lately.
  2. I do weird voices,and I think im pretty good at it,( especially sad and psychotic Elmo) although I tend to keep the voices in my head when I`m cooking, but if I was not blogging about food, I probably be working with Cookie Monster.
  3. Dairy and Gluten does not sit well in my stomach and sadly I love noodles to the moon and back, so Iam saving my lifeline for a really good one when I want some namely like squid ink pasta with uni!Iam obsessed with briny stuffs!
  1. My last meal on this earth will probably be some Indonesian food. Just because that’s the first food that enters my mouth, and it will be the last. If you don’t know what Indonesians food are, I will show you on the blog later.Its super tasty!!
  2. I love eggs, and I like them 6.5 minutes boiled, medium consistency with mixture of molten and lava. I truly think that this is the best way to taste the eggyness of egg, and when I fry em I like crispy whites and medium yolk, I could eat eggs forever and ever. I don’t care if you egg your toast, or noodle, or burger. I rice my egg with caramelized sweet soy sauce! As far as weird food goes,I would not do balut, I am terrified with a sight of duck embryo entering my mouth! I would say silk worm is as weird as it gets in terms of scary food I’ve ever eaten.
  3. If I have a year off, I would travel across the world, and get to know different cultures  and what food,and cooking meant to them. I can see myself in Itally ( offcourse), spend sometime with nonnas, and learn how to make the real deals from scratch, which might ends up making me to want to live there . I love ITALY, I’m practically Italian you know its true when you meet me.
  4. Three dilemmas that I face every day: Should i eat/not ( hungry all the time), what to cook  tonight, and whats in my fridge in case DH is hungry again at 1 AM in the morning.
  5. Rum and Raisin FTW! And all sorts of weird artisan flavors that I can’t imagine in my head. I love to eat stuff that I can’t taste in my brain!
  6. I love  SEAFOOD and I cannot lie. Octopus, sea urchin, fish fish fish, shrimp all of the fruit of the sea! This is why I love Japanese and Italian, they are just as honest as their good ingredients, and use seafood a lot. Nothing too fancy and  always let the ingredient speak for itself. But my life would not be complete without rice. So Chinese and Indonesian foods are there on my list too. You will be seeing  a theme after a while on this blog!
  7. I think my passion for food and life is my strength.  Well at least that’s what DH told me why he likes me because Iam passionate, lively and never dull in any circumstances.
  8. I am actually thinking of bringing SPAM ( the meat product) to Iceland when I’m travelling later in September, just because food is so expensive  there!!! This will be a good camping food, although I  tend to reserve SPAM for emergency situation such as that
  9. Eating in a restaurant alone for me is sad. I think all foods will taste twice as delicious or twice as bad when you have great company! When it is the later its more bearable too!
  10. I don’t keep a journal. I used to just pour my thoughts and emotions in writing a blog. I guess this blog will be just that. My adventures of food and people.
  11. I just saw a  plate of goat’s head yesterday from a blog about Icelandic Food, and I cringed.It is pathetic, for someone who likes  to know where the food comes from, I should be okay with that.But Iam still learning to be okay. I loathe the thoughts of the olden days when you have to slaughter your own food. I just cant, but I cant be vegetarian either. Such a dilemma.Thank God for farmers, butchers and people who makes food possible to come to your kitchen. Seriously!

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