Iceland Iceland Iceland!

So here goes the story…

As I’m writing this post, we are flying back home to Toronto, and I am having the biggest withdrawal. My husband and I have spent the last 10 days in the magical land of elfs and trolls.  Sad is not quite the right word to describe how I feel right now. I have grown accustomed to Iceland.


I can’t believe how I adore my time sleeping in a tiny van, and in the morning when we open the doors the chilly breeze really woke us up. I have started to like how the weather changes every 10 minutes and how it transforms the space into something unpredictable. I never saw elsewhere someone driving a car as high as the cloud. Peace and quietness follows us everywhere we go.

motkblog-iceland-travel-1    I could probably write 50 things I love about Iceland (I will save it for another post). Damn it i miss Iceland already! This does not make sense.I will miss the Icelandic nature (probably a topic on its own) and it’s people who tirelessly nurture and protect it.This journey gives me a reassurance that space and time are thoughtfully knitted and men can partake in flourishing the goods. I know that this is the connection that I miss living in North America. People hardly know where their food comes from. People want to demand more but they spend less time with the nature. But the Icelandic figured it out. The land and the people, coexists for each other. I fall in love with that.motkblog-iceland-travel-4 Although initially this trip was a fulfilment of my husband’s dream as landscape photographer, it became my own. Living here is much simpler and most enjoyable. I realised that in Iceland I don’t have to care so much about the extraneous things in life. How to dress? What do other people think? Where to eat?  These things do not matter in Iceland. These things could not matter even if you worry about it too much.motkblog-iceland-travel-3

motkblog-iceland-travel-2 I remember the first time I had to wash before going into the pool. I remember the fear that went through my spine as I cling to my own gracefulness, standing naked in the pool lockers, waiting for the last drop of water to clean me.  I had to confront my insecurities right then so I could enjoy the outcome. I thought I was going crazy! I never thought I would bare myself in public.  What if people stare and judge? But as soon as I let go of this insecurity and focus my mind on the positive thoughts, a powerful feeling emerged from within me.


That day, some important reflections and self-reminder occurred: we have been building our lives upon shames, insecurities, wants, plans, noises because society shapes us to be a certain way and they are weighing us down. But these are the extraneous things. In truth, we just want to be a part of something good. We are always in search of our life calling. Iceland to me was that space, where I am stripped naked without all the distractions. I had to listen. A voice is telling me over and over again that I am never alone, and I have a purpose in my brokenness. Everything will not be perfect but beautiful in its own time, as long as I said yes. So i did, and I can’t wait to go back.  I will post more pictures soon and some more thoughts.




PS: All photos were taken by me except first and the last picture were taken by my husband, he can be found at


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