Avocado toast trio

So here goes the story,

I just had a thought,…

It is a little ironic that as a berry, avocado is often treated not very sweet, at least in our north american culture. In Asian countries ( at least I can speak of Indonesian cuisine) avocado means dessert, a happy ending for sweet cravings. We mash them up and mix them with coffee and sugar, we made   fatty decadent milkshakes with cocoa dust and sweet condensed milk, we put them in our cold fruit cocktails with ice shavings. Sweet sweet and sweeter  ! Promise I will make one of these soon to brag and share with you all.

But why hello, avocado is pretty much the most versatile ingredients. You can do so many things with it, You must have heard of fried avocado wedges, avocado cake, nothing really can surprise me by now,whatever you can come up with i think it might actually work. But this trend of avocado toast, I can’t deny it, i think the fruit is so good that even the most basic toast will  make happy explosion in your mouth!This avocado deal is a definite game changer!


When i think about my favorite avocado toast ( savory), i just want to put all of my favorites ingredients ( fried eggs and friends). Don’t we all?

Here are the three avocado toasts that I can’t get enough of lately:

  1. The one with super crispy fried egg and black olives with ground Tex-mex spices
  2. The one with succulent gem tomatoes, with basil scallion pesto, and cream cheese
  3. The one with pickled carrot, toasted sesame,broccoli sprout, salt & pepper, and  cream cheese

I can totally picture doing another one with anchovies this weekend. Maybe I should eventually make one section dedicated for avocado porn exclusively!

How do you make your favourite avocado toast? Please do share!




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