Blueberry Pancake with Blue cheese and Sweet Condensed Milk



Hi you…

Bear with me, and the sight of this blog! I have been super impatient . I am  renovating the looks of this website,and its still being renovated as you can see.The perfectionist in me wanted to stay away from this blog before it is completed. Precisely why it has took  me so long to show up since the last post. Well a lot has happened since ….(yikes). I am telling you understanding how WordPress and CSS works would be heaven right now(help!), but  I guess you lovely people have to just bear it with me for now. I will sort it out somehow.


Alright, now that that is out in the open.I want to say… I have missed writing and talking on this blog. I also notably missed …

Christmas, the New Year and the first month of the year. I am so sorry! I will try to be more consistent ( biggest weakness of the flesh). In all honesty, I am excited for 2017, this will be the year of inspiration and creativity! I hope this blog will dab some colors to your life in someway!

While I was away virtually, I have been brushing my skills with workshops for food photography, styling and branding with my amazing heroes: Christiann ,Valentina, Eva, Ashley, Linda, and Sarah! I have to say I had so much fun and learning a lot from these lovely ladies who just happen to be veteran photographers, stylists, bloggers, recipe developers,and cook book authors! I know this workshop will forever change my tone and how I view my work for sure, and the challenge is wide open from now on. I can’t be grateful enough for lovely mentors like them!

Although I haven’t figure out everything, or master anything really, I realized that I need this blog to be a constant melting pot of flavors and  cooking explorations. I struggled for months thinking about the right kind of materials for me to put out because its doesnt  particularly fall under certain category. I am a second generation of chinese immigrant who was born in Canada,and raised in Indonesia. My palate is all over the place. I learnt that there is no easy way of describing what I cook/ eat other than putting it out there for people to try it!So this is a confirmation that there will be more interesting recipes in the future that will be showcasing the fluidity of my experience with food.


Then a while ago, while I was experimenting with juice flavors, I have this weird idea that  many ingredients with same colors pairs well together. The monochromatic rule of food hahah. Oranges, papaya, sweet potatoes and carrot for example are so good with each other. Strawberries, watermelon, tomatoes works well too I guess. I don’t know how far you can stretch it, but I was thinking about blueberry pancake when I laid my eyes on left over blue cheese in my fridge one morning. The aha moment popped up, and you know the rest is chomped.


Let me tell you: it works!Here are some pictures to lure you to the kitchen.Let me know what you think of it when you get to try them!


The sweetness of the condensed milk is balanced by the tartness of blueberries, and the blue cheese, it just add an oomph for a rather simple pancake.  What do you think?



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