Wild Ramp Pesto: The Best Thing I made this Spring So Far

Milk of Thy Kindness

This is not Japan, I promise you, the land of snow bears beautiful flowers of spring too.

We don’t live close to the farmers market anymore as we used to years ago, and this made me really sad, as farmers market is bursting with fresh inspirations for me. But when I do visit them downtown , you can count on me being a little crazy.Especially as the spring is flourishing a lot of delicious and beautiful bounties.

Last week i brought home with me some ramps , fiddle head and some chives flower. I love garlic and I won’t lie I almost put garlic in everything that I cook. Ramps are on another level on the flavour charts.They are sharper, and has a little more spiciness to eat, but very grassy and sweet too. I was first introduced to ramps on my first gig helping a food photographer years ago. He has a cottage up north that he would go up to every spring to forage. I fell in love with wild leek ever since and try to get my hands on them every spring I spot them since their season is fairly short.

Since ramps don’t really hold up very long, I didn’t have much time to contemplate as to what to make from them ( normally i have too many ideas and my imagination can go wild and I love day dreaming about menus, but I will spare the boredom). Someone on my ig suggested pesto, ( thank you Steph!) Although there were so many brilliant ideas, I just know that I will thank myself later for making this pesto. I can only imagine how many different meals can go with this  plus I can also stash some of it in the freezer. Thank goodness I made them!

So the ingredients are so simple and conservative , but if you try it be prepared to be blown away on how nature needs very little help to accentuate its goodness.

I have gone mad and been obsessed by this green spread. For the last three days here are the things that I manage to marry to the ramp pesto: fried eggs, piece of bread, shrimp, pasta, lobster, roasted potatoes ahhah and you can tell the list will go on

 Too bad there are only few pictures to prove this, let it be between my mouth and my stomach.But i think my favourite was pairing it with seafood.Its to die for. So I am planning to go down again to the market, maybe dumpling or gnocchi this time, for now there is still a matter of that fiddle heads…

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Wild Ramp Pesto


  • a handful basil (around 6-8 large basil leaves)
  • a handful ramp (both leaves and stalk around ( about 4 stalks))
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 3/4 cups extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/2 cup pine nuts
  • 3/4 cups parmigiano reggiano cheese (grated)
  • pinch salt (a pinch or two, or more)


Step 1
In a food processor, throw in the pine nuts and garlic, blend it in untill its smooth.
Step 2
Throw in the ramps, and basil, and pulse again, pour in the olive oil little by little to smooth the mixture
Step 3
Throw in the grated Permesan into the mixture and give the final pulse to blend
Step 4
Move the basil pesto into a glass container with a close lids. Cover the sauce with the remaining olive oil to preserve the sauce from going rancid to quickly. Stick it to the fridge if not used immediately. If you want to freeze them, put it in ice cube trays and pour olive oil to cover the sauce. Frozen pesto can be good for 3 months.

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