Best Easy Coffee Dessert Indo Style

This Friday we are lounging and having a virtual coffee with some fabulous people! Thanks to Nate the kind host from the terminator kitchen for the invite! Virtual potluck is so much fun, as much as  its an indulgence for the appetite its also a good source of inspirations, and explorations. This is why  I love to bring something unusual to a potluck. I thought this is an amazing opportunity to bring a little bit of me in a dessert with some coffee off course.

Generally Coffee to some is the daily saviour, the crack , the cure, the break. None of those apply to me.  Coffee is a luxury to my mouth for my stomach disagrees  and grumbles  in its presence. Having coffee for me is nostalgic, like going home to a small town where you grew up ( literally).It is such a sentimental thing.

Coffee is a luxury to my mouth for my stomach disagrees  and grumbles  in its presence. Having coffee for me is nostalgic, like going home to a small town where you grew up ( literally).It is such a sentimental thing.

 It’s hard to leave out the stories and the memories when coffee is in the conversation. How can I ? Coffee always made me think of my homeland.For a start the term Java for coffee, is taken from the name of my home island.Thanks to the the Dutch colonial who introduced the coffee to the island in the 1600’s. The fruits of the deeds spreaded through out  Indonesian Volcanic fertile lands.  I must say I am a little proud seeing Indonesian coffee  doing well and being enjoyed by a global coffee drinkers.
The smell of coffee, always takes me back to my childhood time. The sleep overs at the grandparents .My grandfather sitting on his red corduroy chair, sipping his first coffee. Black, unadulterated,pipping hot from his greenish metal mug.I could not understand his fascination of this ritual every morning. Not until the day he introduced us to this amazing treat. Years later I realized my love for coffee comes from him.

These sentimental reasons along with my  short stint as a barista taught me a thing or two about coffee. Mostly the truth that coffee and food pairing will make or break the experience. Also a little coffee lifts up the mood.Although my stomach is weak, my will for coffee is strong. So alternatively  I bake, dust my cake,  flavour my meats with coffee. Occasionally in hot summer I drink them icy cold.
  But no matter how much I enjoy using them as an ingredients, I find myself making the variation of  this dessert that my grandpa used to whip for me. Simple and oh so delicious, this avocado with concentrated coffee is so easy to make.Honestly I feel a bit embarrassed even to be writing a recipe for this because its too easy!

Still some of you will be having a hard time to try it. That is because its got avocado in it! Oh no, how could you put avocado with coffee together?Well hey, if a cold butter can dance inside your coffee’s mug, why not coffee and avocado? It is creamy, fatty,  and buttery so logically it will make your coffee extraordinary right!  Trust me I have challenged my co-workers and  once they conquer their initial qualms they cant stop. It’s that good!Commonly, served as a smoothie, avocado, coffee,  some chocolate and sweet condensed milk, is for the win.

But sometimes I like to chomp and I am too lazy to clean the blender, so I just made the dessert version of the avocado float, and top it up with cream liquor and ice cream ( you heard me right) ,and they look  so good !!!Dont you agree?  How can you say no to this?Wait until this one is dressed with some serious strong coffee splash! And really your heart and tummy will thank you!So in case you are drooling already here is the recipe!

Coffee & Avocado Indo Style

Serves 2
Prep time 5 minutes


  • 1 avocado (scrape, or cut)
  • 2 scoops vanila ice cream
  • 1oz cream liquer (I used Bailey's)
  • 1/4 cup cold water
  • 1 tablespoon instant coffee (or alternatively a double shot of espresso)
  • 1 stroopwaffle (for garnishes)
  • 30g dark chocolate (shaved for sprinkles , you can use vegetable peeler to shave the chocolate or a coarse grater.)


Step 1
Make a double shot of espresso, and chill it. Alternatively you can use 1 tablespoon of Instant coffee and 1/4 cup of cold water
Step 2
Slice the avocado, and remove the pit. Scrape the meat and divide to two portions.
Step 3
Scoop vanilla ice cream to each avocado plate
Step 4
Divide and pour Coffee and Cream Liqueur Shot for two plates
Step 5
Garnish with Shaved dark Chocolates and enjoy!
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