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Hello from Toronto, welcome to Milk of Thy Kindness ! Call me “M”, I am the cook, stylist, photographer, and the occasional mischievous red panda behind MOTK Blog.

MOTK  is the epitome of my life through food. This is a vessel to channel all of that curiosity, hunger, and passion for life. I hope to learn from you all, and maybe if you like me enough, you allow me to be a part of your food, family, journey, life.

That’s all.

I lied! I am so excited for future projects, works, and beautiful stuff that will be born here onward from MOTK.  I am available for styling, photographing and working for product endorsement ( when it is fitting to the blog). You can contact through the blog, or email me at motkblog@gmail.com

Now, I tried really hard not to give a long introduction for this blog. But if you are unsatisfied and need to know me a little better, you can click here to creep me,